Saturday, October 25, 2008

The strange trip of Sarah Palin

Well its been awhile. I tend to lose track of time easily.

But lately I've given a lot of thought to this whole Sarah Palin stuff. I can't call it anything else because the whole thing is so bizarre that I can't wrap my usually open minded brain around the complete surreality that is the Governor of Alaska.

I've watched everything unfold. The convention speech (hateful and arrogant and yet bump worthy), the inability to piece together a coherent sentence, the interviews (WOW...just....WOW), the stump speeches, the missing the memos from McCain on pretty key points like RoboCalls, Michigan...etc. and I've come up with this conclusion.

Sarah Palin doesn't give a rat's ass about the election. She's enjoying her free ride around the country where she drags around her kids (shouldn't they be in school? Because so far the two oldest are drop outs), different answers to the same questions depending on who's asking (Yes I'm a feminist, I'm not going to label myself anything, I'm a hockey mom).

This is all a fun ride for her. New clothes which yes she will have to give up to charity when its over, but she does get to wear them and I'm sure somehow she'll find a few to hang on to. This is the same woman who made the state of Alaska pay for her expenses while living in her house. She still flew a jet around after not selling the old one on Ebay. Someone else had to do that for her and they still sold it at a loss. But she'll find a way to hang onto a couple of pairs of shoes. Trust me.

She doesn't care. It's a nice fun trip that she can share with her husband, or whomever. She's not a hockey mom. She's the mean girl in High School who somehow always seems to get away with stuff. Cause she's pretty...or whatever.

At work I joke that I love her, because she makes me laugh. But in truth she's not funny. She's scary. She's scary because she represents a line of thinking that...well...has nothing to do with actually thinking.

Her 'policy speech' yesterday was less about policy and more about what's bad about Obama and Biden, and the one example she chose to cite when ridiculing earmarks is the one piece of research that actually seems to hold clues to the cause of autism. This is the sort of thing you expect from someone so incurious, and so arrogant.

The difference between her and W is lipstick. Well there's another. While W really wanted to be President for whatever Oedipal desires he held, I'm actually convinced that she could give a rat's ass about being Vice President. I think she just likes the perks of running.

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