Monday, June 8, 2009

I guess its up to us.

I've been watching and experiencing the last few months with a certain mix of pleasure and pain.

On the pleasure front, it's great to have a President who speaks in complete sentences and has cogent thoughts. (I know the right wing meme is to go after him for using a teleprompter, but since they have so little to go on of substance from their perspective, its fun to watch that and I guess the never paid attention to Ronald Reagan.)

I also think he's been spot on with International relations. His speech this last week to the "Muslim world' was enough to send the likes of bin Laden and his ilk panicking for the first time in years. Finally a president who actually threatens their ability to recruit by crossing the divide and expressing an appreciation for Muslim history. Very smart.

I like that he's not forging personal friendships with any foreign leaders as well. I certainly don't need him looking into Angela Merkle's soul to know whether she's a good leader who can be trusted or not. I need policy and a plan.

Yes on these subjects I feel like we are indeed getting the change I voted for.

On other subjects I am not so certain.

Yesterday I read a terrific blog that happens to be by Eliza Dusku's stepfather. It covers the things that are barely different from what we went through with Bush and points out the very real stronghold that corporations still hold over our politics even after they so royally fucked everything up for everyone.

I'm a liberal, for the most part, not a socialist. And for those rightwingers that can't decide whether Obama is a socialist or fascist, I invite you to google them both so you can learn the definition.

Anyway, he seems further to the left than I am for the most part but his observations are spot on about what hasn't changed and what is really up to us as a people.

Teabaggers, corporate led or not, have one thing right...get out and be heard.

I hope you enjoy Mr. Coleman's blog and appreciate the central theme. I have to go to work, so I will continue tomorrow.

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