Saturday, September 19, 2009

A political pondering

Following is a comment I left in response to 2MorrowKnight's blog entry on Huffington Post stating why he thinks that 2010, despite pundit predictions of doom for Obama, will prove otherwise. (Yes, my ID at Huffpo is Wondering Imriel. Some of you will know what that references)

I think it remains to be seen whether the energy and enthusiasm that the Obama campaign brought to itself will translate into Congressional elections.

Will that same demographic remain as enthusiastic and involved for their local representatives and/or Senators? I don't know that there's any indication that they will.

While the teabaggers are hypocritical by definition and much smaller in number than they would have us believe, they are loud and very active and enthusiastic.

Obama's poll numbers jumped after his speech on Healthcare Reform, proving two things: 1- He is still well liked and trusted and 2-the myth that he is over exposed is just that, a myth and wishful thinking on the part of anyone that makes that statement.

Will he be strong enough to have coattails in 2010? I hope so, for the most part. I do predict that whatever gains the Right may make next year, they will be harder fought than they think. Hope is still a greater ally than resentment, and resentment is all the Right has right now. Resentment and Dick Armey's funding.