Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Graduation is upon me.

My daughter's graduation. From High School.

When did this happen? There was this beautiful purple thing crying in my arms until she was stilled by me calming her down before her mother was ready to hold her. Now there's a young woman ready for the cap and gown and soon to be off to college.

I am balder, somewhat fatter and my head is spinning.

The other night, after my friend's wonderful wedding I woke up after about an hour's sleep. I suddenly became terribly aware of my daughter, alone in college...out on her own. The daddy protective mode went in full swing and I didn't fall back asleep until nearly 6am. It really doesn't get easier. At least not so far. Not for me.

As it is I don't feel I got enough of her childhood. Now it's done and I have to just live with that fact and move on from there.

Reality Sucks!

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Adam said...

I've always thought that a baby's cry - undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant and distressing sounds to the human ear - is also a very, very sweet sound ... because it means the baby is alive. And it's that first cry after being born that tells you she's here, she made it.

Maybe sending our kids off to college and into the world is a little like that too. Of course, now the cry is our own ... but also signaling a pretty good thing. Congrats on making her, raising her, keeping her safe, and helping her get to this point!