Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm baaaaaack.

March approaches its end and with it comes my birthday.

I'm one of those people that thinks of birthdays as just that. A chance every year to renew. And after this last month, I'd really like that.

So here's what's happened...

After months of struggle with catching up on rent from my long stretch of unemployment I reached an agreement with the landlord on a payment plan. The most recent payment being a few days late, the landlord used this as a perfectly legal, if scumbaggy reason to send an eviction notice.

After some thinking I decided it was better to keep the money, move and be rid of the apartment that had been driving me crazy for the last several meant I had to move within 5 days before the Marshall came and cleared out my stuff. CRAZY time. But it also gave me the chance to do some purging. In some cases too much and others not enough.I know I left some things behind that were of significance to me. But I've decided to chalk it to fate.

All this was followed by two weeks of sleeping in my daughter's room by the patient kindness of my ex wife and her fiancee while I found a new place to live. Which I did.

Tonight I moved in just about fully with my real bed, desk and clothing. More remains in storage but that's to be dealt with over the next few months.

In the last two weeks I lost an old HS acquaintance to cancer which was very sad. It also made me realize that in a way I am now of that age where this sort of thing becomes more common. She was a good woman, talented and spirited and the world is a lesser place for it.

A few days after her passing, an old boss of mine, one of the few I truly liked and still think fondly of, smashed the window of his 17th floor office and jumped. It was a great shock because he never seemed that kind of person. He leaves behind his wife and two children. A good man who must have suddenly been terribly overwhelmed.

In pace requiescate, Scott.

Add to this some other situations that people close to me are experiencing and it was just impossible for me to wrap my head around writing anything that wasn't going to sound completely insane.

But renewal is coming. I'm back now dear reader(s?). I hope you missed me as much as I missed you.

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