Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Home Town

New York is famous for being a city of reinvention. It is the embodiment of constant change. There is something about its inner core that abhors steadiness.

It's a magical thing about this town, but it is also its curse. From New Amsterdam to now, its been a city never settled.

About 20 years ago they tried to make a TV series out of the movie "The Four Seasons". In the opening sequence, the character is leaving the city. He looks around and we hear construction everywhere. He says

"Ahh New York...I love it......Call me when it's finished"

Of course he never gets that phone call. I begin my series of lamentations on the loss of what makes New York New York, bear all that in mind.

Still, New York has more of what you find everywhere else; Kmart, Target, Disney etc., all swallowing up Sal & Carmine's, Schimmel and Sons, etc. So that's what I'm ranting on in the coming days and I invite you all to comment on the changes you see in your hometown that you don't care for.

It's Curmudgeon Time.

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