Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something in the air?

If you follow me on Twitter at all you know that I was laid off this weekend. Which in and of itself is weird because I don't work on weekends. Or haven't in awhile. But there it is.

The third party that I had been temping with for the last almost 3 years let a bunch of us go in a last minute decision to cut costs, right when work was actually starting to get busy again. I'd blame the bank, but it's the third party that made the decision and..well...more on them another time.

They were good enough to offer 2 weeks of severance which in the Temp World is pretty much unheard of, so it took the edge of. It helps that my agency at least appeared to be on top of finding me work from moment one.
However, things seem to suddenly be at a standstill after a lot of language about getting things moving. Last week, before the layoff, I had called about possibly moving over to a legal firm where A-the money is a little better, and B-generally different (better) working conditions. I was told that right now they are only really hiring people who have been in it for awhile. Now we are all being encouraged to submit for it. So which is it, they are hiring or not hiring?

Then there was the rush to get me into a 4 hour training to prep for a test for another bank because that bank is apparently in a big hurry to hire. We get the training...time passes and there is absolutely no information on when this actual test is supposed to happen. 

Now the direct deposit for this week failed and the day after it still seems to be failing. So I'm operating with 9 dollars in the bank and a pending child support check to my ex wife that will bounce.

Is the Universe trying to tell me something about continuing as a temp? At least with this agency?


Darkwulfe said...

Fire the bastardos and move south My won't miss the snow one bit! lol Good luck Bro in getting a job soon!

Opinionated Gifts said...

Yeah right. I just read your click story, dude. Distinct patches of snow by that river in backwoods Georgia. My whole moving south for the winter fantasy is shot to hell.

Darkwulfe said...

Good! Then you got the point! PATCHES of snow...not droves of snow burying the state in a frozen state of stupor! Just enough for the occasiona "ahhh" moment...on your way to work! rofl

Opinionated Gifts said...

Yeah, I read your blog on how brilliantly you Georgians handle those patches.

This isn't DC, this is New York, baby. We have a subway system that does us just fine. True, we currently have a wuss mayor who shuts the schools down prematurely. But everything else was running. The bank screw up by the way...was in Maryland.


Major Bedhead said...

I guess I missed your news on Twitter. That sucks. I'd say move up heah, but things aren't any better in Mass.

That agency sounds like they need a dose of your grow-some-fucking-balls post. :D