Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday thump thump thump thump thank God it's FRIDAY....FRIDAY

Winter is setting in Gotham City...Fall has bid it's annual hasty, premature adieu and I am sitting in an overheated apartment with a fan running.

Classic New York City.

I spent a bit of down time at work browsing the web for apartments in a town in the Hudson Valley that I am in love with.

The likelihood of my being able to move at this point is pretty low. But a man can dream and I think its good to keep exercising the thought. You never know after all and they say that sometimes the universe opens a way. More and more I find myself wanting to be surrounded by more green and less grey, more quiet and less salsa, more above ground trains and less subway. More water pressure and less waiting 2 minutes from the time I turn my faucet to the time the water temperature actually balances.

There's a lot I have to fix still from the mess that divorce and stupid decisions got me into...but I sure could use a change of environment while I'm doing it.

In other news, Rachel Maddow is back from vacation. Alison Stewart was a great substitute for her, but I've missed her, so yay. I wonder if that means Keith is back too.

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