Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmm

I'm no expert, but....the price of oil steadily goes up during the Bush administration, reaching at one point over $100 a barrel, then sinks as the end of said administration approaches.

Joe the plumber says welfare is socialism, yet has received welfare with the rationalization that he's paid into the system, yet has at least one tax lien against him.

Bank of America is actually doing very well, because they decided to steer clear of the whole sub-prime stupidity, yet got bail out money.

AIG wants more money after Executives go on spas and say its all part of doing business.

My landlord does not answer phones because they have too many buildings to be able to answer individual tenant calls. Also can't seem to pay the electric company in time in order to keep the hall lights on.

The Democrats have won majorities in all branches of government. Will essentially run things for at least the next two years, yet all the news talk shows had Republicans on as guests.

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