Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joe Lieberman, Professional Piece of Shit

So...Connecticut Independents for Lieberman Senator, Joe Lieberman gets off scott free for being a lieing scumbag.

Harry Ried has shown once again that he is a spineless lump of flesh.

I can only hope that the abysmal approval ratings that Joe runs in Connecticut will continue and the man can collect an unemployment check in four years. (Yeah I know, he'll just become a lobbyist/consultant/whatever millionaire when its all over.

This scumbucket lied about his intentions when crooking his way to re-election a couple of years ago, did nothing as Chairman of his vaunted Homeland Security Committee. Lied about Barack Obama, campaigned for Republican Senate candidates, whined about the possibility of a filibuster proof democratic congress when he fought to stop filibusters when the Republicans ran the Senate, repeated the Bush mantra of "we are comforting our enemies when we disagree" nonsense, said the question about Obama being a Marxist was a good one.

He has no character, no integrity, no honor and has the temerity to continue to talk about his faith and character in public.

He owes the nation an apology, not just his fellow clubmembers, and he should be required to specifically point out what it is he says he regrets saying in the past few months.

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