Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Sunday Walk, Part 4

Clearly on the Brooklyn side and past the river, the signs of "gentrification are impossible to miss. As you descend the walkway onto Broadway this stamp is frequent. It's a little late for the sentiment, the hipsters took Williamsburg over awhile ago. Some of the improvements have been just that, others have taken the personality out and turned Brooklyn into Greenwich Village Lite. But at least there's some place you can find a semblance of the Greenwhich Village that was. In the meantime, the city gets more and more expensive to live in.

The southern walkway descends quickly and you can see the exit signs for the southern roadway as we sink below rooftops. The cupola of the HSBC Bank ahead, I believe was once the actual Williamsburg Bank before the downtown Brooklyn clocktower.

Here we are...the odd rooftops and unique Brooklyn attitude. Fuckin aye, you name it, we got it.

You get to the bottom and here you find this awesome statue of George Washington off of Roebling Street. It's really strong and stunning to behold. Here is the NY Times article from its unveiling in 1906. It's a PDF, so you will need Acrobat Reader.

And now...on to the journey to Mexican Coke...


KB_in_NYC said...

Sorry the walk over the bridge didn't inspire you the way it does me. I guess we bring different things to the experience. I have such fond memories of the W'burg bridge. Either walking over with dear friends, my family or by myself. And the graffiti'd plaque - I have some fabulously fun pics with that as the background. I will show you sometime.

Opinionated Gifts said...

I would love to see them.

Have you ever walked the Brooklyn Bridge? Now that is a stunning experience.