Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm returning to my regular place of work today after the week and a half of alternate training.

I'm looking forward to it. My head is sort of spinning from all the changes that have been going on almost every aspect of my life and a return to something somewhat familiar is extremely welcome.

I've had this odd sense of not quite feeling like myself lately. Some of that was suggested by my melancholic post from last week, but not all of it is blue in tone.

I just have this odd sense of something I'm supposed to be doing, or having. Or I'm just restless.

Yesterday I took advantage of the wonderful weather and took a long walk through BedStuy/Crown Heights/Prospect Heights. Brooklyn really is an incredible mix now of modern development and nearly ancient homes.

Here's a bit of what I viewed. This is all old things as I find the old in Brooklyn far more interesting than the new.

Those of you in this area will recognize this as the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower, once the tallest building in Brooklyn. Its now being converted to very expensive condominium apartments, which I prefer to the alternative of tearing it down. This is nowhere near my walk. I ended up going downtown to get some shopping done.

This was embedded into the sidewalk on a block on Dean Street. About a half mile from my apartment. One day I'll look up the company on a New York History site. I have vague memories of seeing this around as a kid in Bushwick.

These are two views of a Victorian mansion that is about a block away from my apartment. It's interior is probably ruined by being converted into a homeless shelter of sorts several years ago. The lot was bought by a developer but the community has successfully prevented the demolition of the mansion. The developer doesn't know what to do, as of course his plans have been ruined, though I understand he also understands why the community did what it did. Dean St. where this mansion lies, has recently been made into an historical district which generally protects just about all of the buildings on it. There are many that are quite beautiful and amazing.

So whatever I am, I seem very happy to be settling in as a Brooklynite.

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Major Bedhead said...

I love that picture of the name plate in the sidewalk. I have some shots of grates and plaques that I've taken in NYC - people think I'm nuts for taking them, but the small details fascinate me and finding beauty in something so functional makes me smile.

Have I mentioned that I'm very jealous of where you live? I love NYC. A lot.