Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This makes me feel better.

I've blogged a few times in the past about my beliefs and feelings regarding love, marriage and thus such things.

I think one of the things that I've found the most hurtful, depressing and discouraging of late is the continual defeat of Gay Marriage in this country.

Now I've said before that in terms of that, I think no one should have a governmental right to marry. As far as the state is concerned adults should be granted (without contest) civil unions. And civil unions can include any number of consenting adults. It means you have made a commitment to a person, or personS and they to you and eachother and that the state recognizes it for legal and tax purposes and that's that. PERIOD. Beyond that it's no one's mother fracking business.

Marriage, is ceremonial...and while I also believe that any and all consenting adults should be free to marry whom they choose, it belongs more within the purview of  spritual institutions.

But we have been overhauled by branches of "Conservatives", Catholics, Mormons, Scientologists and other self righteous, moralistic fucktards that when law is enacted or a legal statement is made that recognizes that "gay marriage" is indeed constitutional...we actually go out and have a vote...and in THIS country, in  The United States of America, in the twenteyfuckingfirst century, we actually allow people to vote away a "right" from other people.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. My pastey white ass.

But then...a glimmer of hope. Which I will let Rachel Maddow explain in more detail. But finally, a prominent and truly bipartisan, NONpartisan approach to this repressive trend. What is in this video is not only hope to be free to "love as thou wilt" but even a glimmer of hope about the possible future of politics in this country. When wise men (and women) of good will, truly good will, stand together for something that is right, and good, and toss away whatever wing of politics they fly under because it doesn't matter. Watch this. I hope that it will make you, as it did me, proud to be an American.

Bear with the advertisement in the beginning. You can click on the X in the circle fairly quickly and watch the real thing.


Darkwulfe said...

Excellent post bro. I will be honest this is one subject I have stayed completely out of with no real opinion either way. But you make a very good case. Something more to think about and analyze...geez thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have a little more hope for America than I did 10 minutes ago. Thank you for posting this video. Unfortunately, what Boies and Olson don't seem to realize is that the Religious Right CANNOT see that it gay marriage harms no one. They believe that it harms their kids because their kids are going to grow up thinking that homosexuality is, at least, acceptable. And that would be horrible because, apparantly, religious people would all be gay if homosexuality hadn't been so naughty. I think they are a bunch of, as you put it, fucktards. But they are there and they are loud. Hopefully, as the lawyers said, they are shrinking in number. Hopefully this coming generation of less phobic people will stand up and shoulder their responsibilities and get involved.

Opinionated Gifts said...

The point of this, for me, is knowing that there are still actual conservatives out there who actually understand the conservative social compact and that there are indeed issues and values that conservatives and liberals share.

And yes, I do think the coming generation will make a difference.