Friday, January 1, 2010

Twentyten, Twothousandandten....whatever

Like a growing number of us, I don't do resolutions. I do set down goals.

I don't adhere any attachment to accomplishing them. They are things are strive for and do what I can to achieve, but I don't invest my entire identity on something that might change at any time.

Having said that, here are goals I intend to achieve one way or the other by the end of the year.

Continue to grow closer and more understanding with my daughter.

Significantly reduce if not eliminate entirely my debt, medical, consumer and tax.

Get to the Shakespeare Retreat this year at the end of August. It's our 10th one and I don't want to miss 4 in a row. It is my plug in.

Attend Blog Her and meet so many of the neat folks that I've met online.

More sex.

Liesure time. Enough left over from my financial obligations to go out with friends without stressing about bills.

Be more regular with the blog...At least 3 times a week. Give myself permission to let my entries be lame if need be. Just to get up and do something.

Meditate daily.

Continue to adjust my frame of mind to more positive thinking and less self sabotaging defeatist attitudes.

Visit my mother and stepfather more often.

At least two well paid acting jobs this year.

There you go...alright 2010, don't blow it.


Anonymous said...

As always goals are great reduce debt and more sex definitely on my goal list too!!

Darkwulfe said...

Awesome post and great goals...less debt more sex=free sex? That works too! lol

Opinionated Gifts said...

Is sex ever really free?

Anonymous said...

Those are completely doable...

Thanks for sharing.