Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beta be good

There's this blog thing going around where you list 10 things about you that start with a certain letter.

Someone special said to do it with:

1) Big Love and Battlestar Galactica: Two of my very favorite shows on television. BSG is am amazing examination of the human condition in a post 9/11 existence. Who are we? Do we deserve to survive? CAN we survive.
Big Love is an even better show about organized crime than The Sopranos was. It's also an amazing look at alternative ways of looking at love and relationships and it pulls no punches. I will say that polyamory seems a hell of a lot simpler than polygamy.

2) Beacon: This is a small city in the Hudson Valley that I've become pretty much obsessed with. I've been trying to find a way to live there that's workable under the circumstances of my life. I'm finding a way

3) Balance: Something that I might achieve one
day. MAYBE.

4) Beer: My favorite lager is Yeungling out of Pennsylvania, but I'm watching a show on PBS about a beer out of upstate New York that is the first beer since Prohibition to use New York State raised hops (Ithaca Double IPA).

5) Basil Basset Bingo: This was a very strange bingo game that I voice hosted many years ago on old satellite TV. A buddy of mine and I worked for a company owned by the guy that ran 3BTV. At first it was just a continuing series of televised electronic bingo games played by viewers, mostly in the southern states. But they decided to bring in live hosts and my friend and I started creating different characters, all relatives of Basil Basset. His segments were all pre-recorded. My friend and I built on sketches and characters and soon other performers came in. Some did characters, some just had fun schtick.
The idea never really caught on in the way that the company wanted, so to cut costs the they moved the production down from New York to North Carolina. They took out the personalities and hired a group of very nice young performers who unfortunately didn't do much for the show. Playership dropped, in no small part to their missing their familiar hosts (I still have several gifts sent by fans) but also because Bingo in the United States is largely a community activity and not generally done sitting home alone.
I am bragging a little to say that when I was given a severance check (which was very nice and I am still grateful for) I was wished good luck by the accountant who pushed the decision to move. I shook his hand and said "Good luck to you, I can't say I'm confident you will still have a job in 6 months with this move". 5 months later 3BTV folded. It wasn't a hard call.

6) Beautiful: The person who inspired this blog (both in general and this particular entry) is.

7) Beleaguered: Is what I am by my financial situation.

8) Baths: I love them. Deep, hot, eucalyptus and sea salt or just plain sea salt. 20 minutes. I feel new again.

9) Belly: Will be flat by summer's end.

10) Baffled: By weeping drama queens like John Boehner.

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