Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Square to be Hip

I had my third annual follow up from my hip replacement this morning. It went excellent well. This is the first winter since being hit by a car in November of 2002, that I haven't struggled with some pain, so I expected the surgeon to be very happy and he was.

The device I have is the Stryker ceramic and steel model. Some folks have had issues with it but I haven't had any aside from the adjustment pains that go with any surgery.

I celebrated with a long walk from the East River, through Central Park and then into the subway back home.

Now I don't have to go back for another 2 years and finally feel comfortable with the idea of exercising again.

All I have to do now is kill this mother fracking cold that's been haunting me since Chrsitmas.


ewagrl said...

My my I didnt know you were so....-insert wicked grin here- At any rate I am so very happy for you darlin. Feel better

Anonymous said...

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