Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've never liked February. For the shortest month of the year it's always seemed the longest, most dismal month.

Last night at work we got to talking about how March is so difficult. Unpredictable and also seemingly endless, but maybe because my birthday falls near the end of it, or that it holds the promise of Spring somewhere in there, I've always had an easier time with it.

February makes me wish that humans hibernated. It would definitely be my hibernating month. At the very least it always feels like pull back time. Like covering up and sheltering waiting for brighter days.

With things going as they are in the world. More and more friends losing jobs or cutting back. The uncertainty I have for my own employment I wonder how long a real hibernation would have to last til the brighter days actually arrive.

BUT...since we don't hibernate I'll just do what I do every February. White knuckle it til March and figure out how to brighten things up in the meantime.

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