Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another moving day, another reason to be grateful

Just a quick personal one today.

A friend of mine from work helped me get the last of my stuff from my old apartment into storage.

Those things had been sitting in my downstairs neighbor's apartment since Late February. Every attempt I made to get it out of there was met with anything ranging from cancellation by movers to a car breaking down. But this morning, my buddy messaged me on Facebook and said he could do it today but needed to be done by 4:30. Jump out of bed, take a shower be out front, call my neighbor and tell her rescue is at hand.

I am surrounded by so much kindness and patience and good will lately that I don't know where or how to put my appreciation.

I'm in a weird place, feeling like though I'm getting closer to 50 I am living the life of a 24 year old. My friend today, who is as far from 40 as I am from 50 is feeling much the same. But we both have daughters we adore (at very different ages) and many things that are going well.

And a kind single mother who gave up half her living room because my move was so hasty it left too much leftover.

I'm grateful to be surrounded by good people. I hope one day to prove worthy.

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