Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ways To Save Dollhouse

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Ok, first a couple of things to know:

Eliza Dushku will be on Bonnie Hunt this Tuesday talking up the show. WATCH IT. Can't watch it? DVR it. Don't have a DVR? ask a friend to DVR it for you. There's even a little something extra if, like me, you are also a LOST fan.

Second, FOX was supposed to release its lineup for Fall yesterday, but they didn't. I am hoping this means that they are holding off on a few maybe....DOLLHOUSE.'s what I think we can do.

First. The obvious. Watch the show and tell your friends to watch the show. If you happen to own a DVR and watch the show as it airs, DVR it anyway if you don't already. Fox is really paying attention to DVR numbers now and not just relying on lame Neilson reports.

Ask your friends who own DVRs to DVR the show. They don't have to watch it, though I obviously recommend they do, just so long as they DVR it.

Maybe you've already seen the show, but did you know you can watch full episodes on HULU? And Fox pays attention to those numbers too. So play the eps on Hulu...ALL of them. Tell your friends to do it too. Too busy? So them anyway in the background.

I am saying to do this in addition to getting people to watch the show. Let them see what potential the show has...Have them start with Episode Six: Man on The Street. It's written by Joss, really sets everything up well for people who haven't seen the previous episodes and is a damned good story. Plus the following episodes in many ways are even better.

If you haven't already, sign here!!!!

As well, Amazon is already set up for pre-orders of Season 1 DVDs. Order yours now. Let Fox see the potential for more seasons. They are still seeing how DVDs of Firefly continue to sell.

If you have more ideas or resources, post them in the comments below.

Lastly, we can take up a collection to hire Echo and Sierra to go to Fox and kick some executives' asses. We can hire Victor to shrug and be the nice guy and make them a counter offer to avoid further damage.

Seriously, lets hope this works. Tomorrow morning it might all be too late. I hope not.

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Major Bedhead said...

Awesome suggestions. Do you mind if I post a link to this on my blog?

Opinionated Gifts said...

I would be honored.

Off the Record said...

Great input- this show really deserves to stay on the air. I myself wrote ten reasons why to watch Dollhouse on my blog ( and have signed the petition. Fox can't let this become another Firefly.