Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teabaggers (Yeah, I'm not letting this go either.)

So yesterday was the big day of protest for the "tea partys" that Fox News, Dick Armey and Richard Melon Shciafe financed in their faux grassroots organization (the phrase Astro Turf has been used for these, I like it).

Now while some of the causes espoused by some of the folks on this are legitimate, these protests overall seem to have attracted the mostly loony fringe. And its unfortunate.

I've said before that I want a healthy and intelligent opposition to my liberal tendencies, but we just aren't getting it. We're getting the whackjobs and traitors.

Where the hell were these people 5 years ago when the people who actually got us into this mess were busy getting us into it? Nowhere. Now all of a sudden when they have a Democrat and a black man to blame for other people's fucks ups, they come out in droves.

Robots. Sheep. Fools.

Following are photographs with commentary. I got these off of Huffington Post.

(photo by Zachary Haychack)This has so nothing to do with taxation. Nevermind the fact that the Boston Tea Party was about Taxation Without Representation, which this isn't. This is about bailout money, which is apparently more offensive than stealth budgets that result in the deaths of our sons and daughters. I hear them. The bailout pisses me off. But I'm way more pissed about WHY and HOW we are in a situation that NEEDS a bailout in the first place. I don't think Christ has a lot to do with any of it. Just a theory.

(W.Salter)Yes, that's partially true. That would be the Fed led by Alan Greenspan, appointed by Ronald Reagan, both supplicants to Ayn Rand, adolescent economic theorist for the emotionally stunted. So where have you been for the last 25 years, pal?

This reminds me of the guy at the Republican Convention who made a sign declaring McCain and Palin to be "Maviks" or something like that. I guess scoliosis is a scourge to taxpayers, oh wait, that's supposed to be Socialism. Someone explain to this person that bank bailouts, annoying and maddening as they are, is not a function of socialism. Oh nevermind.

(Toni Romao)

(Sam Goldman)

Seriously? "But when you go carryin' pictures of Chairman Mao, you aint gonna make it with anyone anyhow". Closing Guantanamo is just like murdering millions of people in gas chambers, I guess.

There was another I saw, that I haven't been able to find since first seeing it, that called for hanging Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and Chris Dodd among others. "Hang em High!" it said, then listed their names.

To be fair, we liberals have our own collection of whackos. But at least ours have signs calling for impeachment and trials. These right wingers just hate due process and apparently aren't too crazy about the Constitution or actually reading history. Or rethinking calling themselves teabaggers or offering to teabag the president. But I'll keep that commentary for Rachel Maddow and Anna Marie Cox.

Somewhere in Arizona, Barry Goldwater's body is spinning in his grave while his soul weeps in Heaven. I might disagree with him on almost everything, but the man had a brain and he used it.


Major Bedhead said...

Yeah. Just, yeah. Can't disagree with anything you've said and anything I could add would just be ranty and incoherent.

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I almost just posted the pictures under the title "No Comment" but I'm too much of an asshole to shut up.