Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daughter Day

My daughter's been having a bit of a rough time at school, academically speaking, and I've had to be hard-assed dad this past week or so.

As a father who didn't live with his daughter while she grew up (not on a daily basis), this can be very hard for me as it is on her. Mind you, the role itself is not hard to play. I get angry if I think she's not stepping up as she should, and I'll step in. But I continually fear that that's what I am...the distant, judgmental father when in fact I'm crazy about my kid and miss her sorely.

So today I took the bus up and spent the day with her. We did go over school business and the like, but mostly we brunched, walked along the river and hung out a bit in her dorm room before I headed home.

It was a perfect day for it and after weeks of cold and wet, it felt like the universe gifted me with the weather so we could make the most of it.

I'm very grateful.

I love this view of Manhattan as the bus exits Lincoln Tunnel and goes around the loop

Where we brunched on Main St. in New Paltz

Hard to tell but these are custom earrings featuring Angel and Buffy. Yep, she's my daughter alright.

Nice fountain in a side market of antiques, crafts and cafes

The Wallkill River which is really very lovely. The Shawangunk mountains are in the distance. So beautiful up there.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a chance to spend some time with your daughter. That's awesome! You take beautiful pic's.