Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My birthday was last Friday.

I've said before that I like to think of birthdays as days of renewal, which is absolutely true.

But this year I'm having trouble with the numbers involved. I'm trying to focus on the fact that the past month and a half has been about nothing but renewal...a reboot.

Moving, to a new and better place and yet spending less money on it though gaining a roommate who actually seems damned cool.

Shifts at work that are beyond my control also seem to be creating a kind of reboot...not sure how I feel about those, but I'm just glad as hell to still have a job in his economy and especially considering the industry I am currently employed in.

But, this isn't exactly the career I had in mind...Hell, its not even a career. Shouldn't someone with these numbers attached to my age have a career? Or am I just caving to societal pressure.

I know this...I find myself relieved I've never had enough to save a considerable amount in least I haven't lost all that.

I'm rambling today before going off to see an old friend whom I haven't seen in a very long time. His numbers are a good bit greater than mine and he seems considerably happier. A wise wise visit on my part I think.

On a better note, while I am working downtown I have decided to spend my lunch hour walking the river promenade...its quite beautiful and very calming.

God how I love being by water.

Ok..this useless ramble should end now.

Thank you for your time.

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