Friday, April 24, 2009


I like, where I can, to funnel money toward my friends or associates or even myself when possible. I'm certainly taking advantage of the Monetize feature of this blog, but this is about getting money to other folks.

For instance I have a buddy at work who has a house in Vermont. They have chickens and they lay lots of eggs. They are organically fed and free range and deeelicious. So every Friday he brings several dozen to work and I buy a dozen. I do it because like I said, they are deeelicious AND, my buddy gets the money. Its a bit more expensive, but worth it.

Likewise others. CafePress lets you make your own stuff...with your own logo or saying and you get a few dollars everytime someone buys one of your items. Hey, we can all use a coffeemug or travel mug, or tee shirt.

One of the bloggers I stumbled upon a few months ago when I started doing this myself (she's been really good with the 365 thing, whereas I've totally blown it)has gotten her CafePress stuff together. Witty and snarky, I enjoy her worldview and life observations. Her family could use whatever extra cash comes in, so take a look. I think she's onto something and may start doing this too eventually. I got the mug pictured here. . Her items are all practical and I think her tagline is on the money. You'll like her blog and her things, I think.

And now for the Dollhouse part. I listen to a pretty good podcast on the show run by these two college kids. A little fluffy for my taste, but I support anyone that's a Joss Whedon fan and their site is quite good. A fun place to go and discuss the show. They partnered with Amazon and now get a small bit of the profits off of any Dollhouse or Whedon merchandise you buy here.

And a clip from tonight's episode.

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