Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I had planned on writing more about Dollhouse and related subjects today, but the twitter world and the world of people I am fond of has been disrupted quite a bit lately with the loss of many loved ones.

I just can't bring myself to blog about a TV show today, no matter how much I love it and want it to survive the season. So...tomorrow.

Today I'm thinking of a boy named Lucas and his family. I'm thinking of a young father who recently passed. I'm thinking of little Maddie whom I've mentioned briefly before. And Thalon, a 4 month old lost to SIDS.

And I'm thinking of a boy named Stellan, who is still with us and struggling hard to remain so.

The Sikh's have a prayer for the dead. Khal Akhal which means dieing and undieing. It is a prayer for the soul to rest as it leaves the body and reminds us that we are more spirit than flesh. For some reason this prayer speaks to me more than the more traditional western prayers.

And I'm sending light and healing prayers to Stellan for his little fighting heart. He had surgery yesterday and seems to be doing well, but he has a long way to go.

I like to chant Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung, which calls from the heart to the elements to heal from great distance or to someone at your side of even yourself.

I'd post it here from YouTube but the videos are all very long. If you are curious, this is a version I like very much.

As I said for Maddie awhile ago, whatever method you use to reach what I think of as the unseen, and for you, dear reader, might be God, Allah, Jesus etc. Please keep all these souls in your thoughts and prayers and meditations.

Thank you.

A sort of P.S. at 2:35 Thursday morning.

A woman I knew in High School whom I hadn't seen in years but always liked very much passed away suddenly on Tuesday night. This was a rough day. My heart is broken for her family and close friends. This comes on the heels of another old friend from H.S. dieing in the last month and the shocking suicide of an old boss, also only weeks ago.

Sometimes it just seems like things are going a little crazy.


Major Bedhead said...

Man, the hits just keep coming.

I just found out tonight that another online friend's two children are missing. They went missing this morning and no one has heard anything since then.

I think I will be checking out that chant tomorrow.

ewagrl said...

I'm sorry John your in my thoughts. I has been a hard few months for many. Love and peace to you and those you are thinking of