Friday, January 23, 2009


I've gone all day not entering anything. I've had no idea what to say today so...I'm going to do what my friends keep saying to me; "JUST WRITE".

A friend of mine is in a financial crisis as of today and I'm afraid its affected my mood. For the most part I am worried for my friend and their state of mind and condition and so I've been grumpy. It's also true that the situation resonates.

I myself have been in crisis mode for the last few years, the last two being just insane. Things are slowly improving but not fast enough for my taste.

But this particular friend and their plight distresses me more, because its indicative of the entire national economy and the lack of work there is in the country.

Where I work I actually work about ohhh...25 minutes out of my full shift. When I first started working here (and I can't disclose beyond that its creative work in the financial industry) it was nearly impossible to take a break with so much work flooding with tight deadlines.

It's dead all over it seems. I worry for my friend and I worry for me and I worry for us all.

I sure hope the stimulus package works and that they really get things going and fast. I hope the infrastructure projects start as soon as possible (that in particular could be of particular help to my friend)and I hope that we all get through this soon.

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