Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pissant Whining Children

So yesterday the House Republicans decided "No We Can't" and voted unanimously against the bail out bill.

Poor babies, too much money for jobs and not enough for Corporate Tax Cuts.

"We have the second highest Corporate Taxes in the World...the CBO says..."

Oh I am all broken up about your fucking Corporate Taxes.

"Everyone knows that when you cut taxes, it creates jobs"

Hmmmm. Lets see....

Bill Clinton raises taxes on the wealthiest Americans, creates 26 million jobs in 8 years.
GW Bushbrain cuts taxes, we go into recession (no he did not inherit a recession, the recession started into his first year. Up until then it was just a slowdown, no job loss until...)Over 5 years he creates 3 million jobs. Then in the last year, loses half a million.

That's 26 million to 2.5 million.

Cutting taxes cuts taxes. That's it. It has no overall benefit except to those whose taxes are cut.

You creeps never mention taxes for the middle class getting cut. You never mention cutting or eliminating taxes on unemployment benefits (a tax that was started by RONALD REAGAN I feel compelled to remind you) Ohhh, but poor poor Exxon Mobil, poor poor AIG.

There are people losing jobs right and left out here you fatuous fucktards! People with children and mortgages and who also need to eat on occasion.

I know back in college you all read Ayn Rand and got all excited about Objectivism. But guess what, The Fountainhead is a fantasy novel. The world doesn't work that way.

When private industry collapses on their "Virtue of Selfishness", the Government has to go in and push for new jobs (like you know, sodding and fixing the National Mall, fixing highways). Get the money out there and make those jobs happen. People get paid, they pay their bills, money circulates, banks start lending again because there's folks who can pay loans off. Cause and Effect, not some dumbassed theory written by a certifiably insane woman who had serious emotional problems.

You're all old men now. Grow up. You lost your majority, and you're not getting it back anytime soon. Work for your country, not your bassackwards theoretical and unproven bullshit.

People are starving and panicking here. FUCK your alleged principals and stop fucking the people!

I'm Gifts of Thought and I approved this message.

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