Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Customer Service wonders (revised)

As an addendum to the below:

I went downstairs this morning to meet with the ex-wife, her fiancee and my daughter to drive up to college. Dumping some gargage I find two men from Time Warner waiting to get to the back, trying to get hold of my superintendent. Seems the problem is with the entire building I live in (refuting from the many customer service reps who declared that no one else was calling with issues from my neighborhood), they said they'd wait as long as they had to to get back there. One of the guys declared it was Sunday and football day and it would be bad for the CSRs indeed if they didn't tend to it right away.

SO I crossed my fingers and went on my merry way to pick up a McDonald's breakfast, and hot chocolate for my daughter, get in the car and on my way. I returned...and it seems that all has been well since 9:30, this morning. Problem, so far, solved.

So it would seem that while the outward indicators were telling me that the cable company was screwing up, they were in fact on the case. They just aren't good at telling their operators this.

Whatever. I'm happy that I don't have to entertain switching companies. The alternative is Verizon and I loathe that company more than I loathe Sprint, but not as much as I loathe Halliburton.

Oh and by the way as in having nothing to do with any of this, according to a fun little questionnaire done by a friend of mine, I am....

Since I love horses I figure this is a fun thing to know...though I'm not entirely sure its accurate.
If you want to take it yourself for fun..Go here.

This morning's entry:
My internet has been intermittent at best the last day or so. Hence my being behind.

Time Warner Cables crackerjack team have been astoundingly inconsistent in their explanations.

And now I have TV picture. Just in time for Big Love to be on tonight.


I am off to see my daughter off on her second semester of college. It is snowing like madness. It will be a beautiful if slow day.

Enjoy the snow if any of you are reading this in the area. If not...Enjoy your Sunday.

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