Sunday, January 25, 2009


After much resistance I finally got myself on Facebook several months ago. I avoided it the first few invites and then I saw that my brother had succumbed. He'd sent an invite to me and I figured, "well, if he's doing it, then it can't be too terrible.

Now mind you, I had found the whole MySpace thing superbly annoying. Lots of junk emails, lots of bullshit friend request from porn sites. I had no patience.

But Facebook has turned out to be ok. Despite the owners being rather fascistic about certain things here and there.

I've actually been finding old friends and been found by even more old friends.

It's a trip and a half, especially when you don't recognize them at first and then that first small inkling of a clue hits me and a flood of memories pour through my brain like Niagara Falls in the summer.

Nothing profound, or earth shattering. Just that today it is blowing my mind how many High School friends are suddenly showing up...and this morning I even found a friend from elementary school.

We live in a strange age.

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