Monday, January 12, 2009

Sam's Identity/Career/Income Crisis

(Note: For some reason I got it in my cold med addled brain that Sam was George. I've fixed that. My apologies to any and all 3 of you who read this)

Sam Wurzelbacher is now a foreign war correspondent for the right wing website

You have to be a member to see his videos, but you can find them on YouTube easily enough. Like below

Sam called himself Joe when he tried to confront Barack Obama during the campaign. He asked a good question though it was under a completely bogus set of circumstances.

For one, he called himself Joe and said he was a plumber thinking of buying his bosses business.

A. Name is Samual and most people who know him at least used to call him Sam even though his middle name is Joe.
B. Not a licensed plumber
C. Boss was not selling the business and has been reported to say that if it were, Sam would likely not be someone he would sell it to.

The question was about the business being worth over $250,000 and so "Joe" wanted to know how the taxes would hit him.

A. The business was not worth over $250,000. More like just under $100,000 so the question didn't really apply.
B. Obama pointed out numerous exceptions that would have reduced that businesses tax burden under the false circumstances that SW the fake plumber set up. So...
C. The business would have actually done better under Obama's plan than under John McCain's.

Later, because Obama used the phrase "spread the wealth" in his detailed answer, SW the fake plumber declared that it sounded like socialism.

A. Socialism is where the state owns all property and business. Taxation does "spread the wealth" no matter where its focused. But it isn't socialism

B. Well, more like just a conclusion. SW the fake plumber doesn't know what he's talking about.

For awhile there was the thought that he might have a country singing career, then there was the book deal...a gazillion ways to cash in on the 15 minutes that John McCain so clumsily handed him.

Now Sam, who is still calling himself Joe, is saying that the press shouldn't report on war at all...ever. Because he's spent a little time in Israel being shown remnants from the Hamas bombings and concluding what we who have never been to Israel already know. That the Israeli people (And Sam, not the i in Israeli) live under difficult and frightening conditions. Dozens of Israeli's have been killed.

So according to STFP the press should just stay out of it when it comes to war. War is what. what...

Now don't get me wrong. I do agree that Israel has the right to defend itself and Hamas HAS broken an agreement set up by Egypt by bombing Israel. Hamas has stated its goal to destroy Israel. But there ARE also innocent Palestinians (many of whom did not VOTE for Hamas to take over the government) who are dieing by the hundreds in this war.

This is a far more complicated story than Fake Plumber can handle.

Now...he does have a point about reporters giving the position of troops. That does happen at times and its stupid and careless (hear me Geraldo?). There should be some common sense limits on what can be said.

Look, if someone wants to pay the guy to go off at the mouth, great. I would love to have that job myself. LOVE it.

I just hope that if I have that kind of job at some point in the future that I'll actually know what I'm talking about and I'll continue to be curious about the whys and wherefors of a situation. And I hope to be able to offer real insight, not just the average guy's perspective.

On the other hand, I probably have better over all job prospects than this loser.

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