Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Distracting ADDitions

The final set of criteria from Edward Hallowell's book.

I scored an 86 on the Jasper/Goldberg test and anything above a 70 comes with a recommendation to immediately seek a full on official diagnosis.

A friend of mine scored over 100 when they took it. Now for years after learning that my daughter was on the autistic spectrum, I began to theorize from observation that just about everyone is on it. So I'd be willing to bet that most people score at least 50 on it. I invite you to take it.

Full on therapy is not in the budget at this point, so I'm looking into dietary approaches and utilizing my new found awareness as best I can.

14. A sense of insecurity.

This may surprise many of my friends because I tend to come off as much more confident than I actually am. Though in much better shape than I once (MUCH better) I still have almost crippling moments of self doubt. Often to the point if simply freezing motion entirely leading to inaction.

15. Mood swings, mood lability, especially when disengaged from a person or a project.

I'm not sure mood swings would be accurate, but I do have anxiety under these circumstances.

16. Physical or cognitive restlessness.

When I was younger I was a massive fidgeter. I always had to have something in my hands, or I'd bounce my leg with my foot.

In college I had a friend named Karen who once just grabbed a pair of scissors I was playing with and all but yelled "No more fidgeting". This was actually very effective because I wasn't aware of how annoying it can be to others.

Now I don't fidget very much, but my brain can fidget if I don't give it something to do or watch

17. A tendency toward addictive behavior.

This has never really been true for me. Aside from teen age and early 20s indulgence in alcohol, drugs and even cigarettes, once I got into my mid 20s I'd moderated everything, quit cigarettes completely (though I've smoked under some very rare very high stress situations. The last time being 10 years ago...but that's another blog entry altogether)

Addictive behavior does run from my father's side of the family however.

18.Chronic problems with self-esteem.

I think I've covered this a couple of times. Its less of an issue than it once was, but it lingers.

19.Inaccurate self-observation.

I've actually been told by past therapists that my self-observations are generally very accurate. So this would be a no.

20. Family history of ADD or manic-depressive illness or depression or substance abuse or other disorders of impulse control or mood.

Well, mom's got ADD. Actually officially diagnosed. My daughter definitely has ADD mixed in with her Aspergers Syndrome.

There's a definite history of alcohol abuse in part of my family, as I've said. Depression and other disorders tend to go along with that. That was certainly what did my father in (again, whole other blog entry).

Yeah. I think its fair to say I've got it. Therapy is just not in the wallet so right now I'm looking into supplementation, diet....that sort of thing. I'm sure I'll be writing about it.

Thanks for listening/reading. See you tomorrow.

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