Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Maaagic

I've been watching with strange amusement this whole RNC/Rush Limbaugh/Obama the Magic Negro shenanigans. A lot of amusement.

In the long run, what I'd like to see is a rehabilitated Republican Party. One that will be an intelligent, thoughtful and active loyal opposition to a Democratic Party that has managed to find its voice and nads again.

But the Repugs are a stubborn party. So stuck in their ways and completely unable to understand how "Obama The Magic Negro" is offensive, witless and disgusting to anyone with a sense of history and half a brain, that they actually have the nerve to say its just satire.

"Oh no its not about Obama, its about Al Sharpton" Right...that makes it less offensive cause Sharpton is a black guy that no one respects. Riiiiiiiiight. Except that for many Americans and New Yorkers, Al Sharpton IS respected and looked up to. So a white guy impersonating Sharpton singing about Obama as if Sharpton doesn't like offensive at all.

I enjoy this because any further outing of idiots in the Republican Party is good for America. They might not lose out because of this. In fact it looks like it might help them gain power in the party. Fine.

More of that please. Keep the party regional and less relevant nationally. Force them into powerlessness by shear stubbornness. Let Rush say that anything he does has nothing to do with race and scream about Powell's endorsement of Obama is "all about race". It's always everyone else's fault when your a Republican. Never your own. Party of grown ups indeed.

So, as I see it, the party will be in turmoil for awhile and I for one relish the idea of watching them flounder in disarray as I've been forced to watch the Democrats do the same.

Not that I'm entirely confident that the Democrats aren't in disarray still. After all, Harry Reid is still the Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi is still the speaker of the house. Two worthless Democrats if there ever were.

But please keep it coming RNC, keep it coming. It looks like you really have to hit and scrape the bottom before you start looking within. Maybe one day, you'll catch on about America and its promise. Perhaps one day your eyes will open and you'll look around and see the world and reality and you'll get why you're wrong 90% of the time about 98% of everything.

Maybe one day I can take you seriously for the first time in my adult life. Honestly, I'd like that.

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